Vesper Lynd

In the Bond universe, “C” is replaced by “M” while in the James Bond 007 universe, “C” is the Director-Basic of the Joint Safety Service. Max Denbigh, also recognized as C, is the Director-General of the Joint Safety Service, an organisation developed through the merging of MI5 (the UK’s domestic intelligence section) and MI6 (the UK’s foreign intelligence section).
The typical belief is that Vesper totally allied herself with Bond and turned her back on Yusuf after she stopped wearing the necklace toward the end of Casino Royale. She started to fall in love with him when he comforted her right after she helped him disarm Obanno in the staircase at Hotel Splendide. The film is very loyal to Fleming’s version, with a few adjustments of nationality and sides. It begins with Bond being shot at but ducking behind a pillar outside the casino.
Nonetheless, Bond quickly discovered that Vesper was the real traitor, and in the end, M stated to Bond that Mathis has been cleared following Vesper’s death. This Land Rover Defender in fact leaked out before the vehicle was even announced on the set of the James Bond franchise’s 25th film release, No Time to Die. To accommodate Bond’s (i.e. Connery’s) height, Toyota converted two sports coupes into 2000GT Roadster convertibles in just two weeks time. Behind the steering wheel is Japanese intelligence agent Aki, who demonstrates some impressive capabilities whilst driving through the streets of Tokyo. Its initial director was Captain Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming, who, usually dropping the “Smith”, used his initial “C” as his codename, which was also utilized by all subsequent directors of SIS.
I study this bit in the INTJ subreddit on how Vesper Lynd has an INTJ character variety. It explains a lot about the way she interacts with Bond from their introduction (she is hugely observant, methodical and blunt with her summation of Bond prepares him his own tux getting currently calculated his fitting) to her betrayal. I can see why some men and women perceive the betrayal to be cold but it tends to make sense from a character standpoint. She knew she would be committing an immoral act against Bond, permitted herself to procedure the cruelty alone and does not hint to Bond about her feelings (i.e from the time they are in their hotel in Venice all the way to the climatic action sequence).
This organisation operates out of the Centre for National Safety, a creating recently built opposite the ruins of the former MI6 constructing. It is revealed that Denbigh is really a member of SPECTRE and the hidden secondary antagonist of the 2015James Bondfilm, Spectre. The veteran actress played the MI6 chief in seven Bond films but her character met her demise in Skyfall in 2012.
Other MI6 operatives with the “00” designation are provided this discretion as properly. Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) works for the Monetary Action Job Force of Her Majesty’s Treasury and has experience in illicit banking practices. She supervises the British government’s funds that finance Bond in a higher stakes poker tournament organized by Le Chiffre. In the course of the game she assists Bond overcome a Ugandan Warlord and saves Bond’s life when he is poisoned. Bond believed that Mathis tipped Le Chiffre off about Le Chiffre’s tell so Bond had him arrested and interrogated by MI6.

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